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Singapore is the closest I’ve ever lived to Australia. And it’s a good thing we’re here since a few good friends moved to Melbourne about 3 years ago. That and well, who doesn’t love Melbourne?

left bank

The left bank.


Blue sky day.

public transport

Public transport.


Street art outside tapas restaurant.

Sunshine, good food, art. But let’s be honest what it was really all about. Getting these two their presents.



The simple and versatile ribbon on string wins the day.


Ribbon on string.

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Husband does a lot of traveling for work and occasionally I get an odd gift from his travels. In the past it may have been a book from the airport bookstore he thought I would enjoy (thoughtful) or a designer-y purse from Italy (so glam).

Now that we are in Asia, the gift giving  is a bit different.  This is what he brought back from Cambodia.

I bet none of the other girls get a jar of pepper and a stone head.

Pepper fresh from a client’s pepper farm and a stone head. Kind of random, yet awesome.

Do you think the head should go in the garden?

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