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When we first arrived in London, I was at a party where someone told me “It takes about a year in London to find the right job, flat and haircut.”

I’ve been here over a year now, if you don’t count my time in exile. It’s been slow moving but finally starting to feel comfortable and fun. Where we are now is where we thought we would be about 6 months ago. Although maybe not, since six months ago it was winter and everyone was hunkered down in not so friendly hibernation survival mode.

My home is fine. Our garden is much expanded from last year. As I share my home with Husband, I have to let go of the little bits of control I want to exert on it’s operation. I have to clean when I don’t want to, and I have to do things like let him keep a desk in the bedroom even though it’s really not healthy or feng shui. In return, he has to put up with shoes and books scattered about and my aversion to the vacuum cleaner. But honestly, our real estate manager is the worst part of the whole deal. At this point I know that they are absolutely useless and I just have to roll with it until we eventually have a place of our own or take a private rental.

A part of 2011 Garden: tomatoes, swiss chard, peppers, mint, basil, courgette, oregano

I’ve also learned not to be so particular about my hair. It’s going to do what it wants to do and I have very little control over it. The styles that look great on other people aren’t always the best styles for me. My hair is like having a teenage daughter. In order to live in harmony, I have to let it express itself in it’s own way.

And my job? If I could extend those philosophies to my career I will have jumped a massive hurdle.

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I kept a bamboo plant alive for a few years once. Then I went on vacation. I thought I had supplied it with enough water before I left. When I came back it was dead. One time I planted an entire flower bed in the midst of the Texas summer only to find all the flowers scorched and lifeless within 12 hours. That was dumb. I was sent a beautiful calla lily when my father died while I was in University. I was able to keep that alive for about 6 months.

These are the reasons why when Anna asked me if I wanted a courgette plant (zucchini plant) my eyes got wide with terror and my head automatically shook no. “Go on,” she said. “I planted mine too close together and someone needs to take them.” With enough coaxing, I caved. I had refused to take a courgette plant and somehow I was leaving with two.

Boyfriend and I took them to our temporary housing in Highbury and placed them on the windowsill. I took the case very seriously. I really didn’t want to go back to Anna and tell her I killed her plant. It became a morning ritual. Get up, make coffee, water courgettes. Several times I would forget and boyfriend would have to intervene, but with our combined efforts we’ve managed to keep them alive.

Now we are in a garden flat and it is so pleasant to have my own vegetables growing in the garden. Granted, nothing is quite big enough to eat, but I can happily report we have several budding courgettes. One of which is an amazing shade of green and a good four inches long. The plant grows the most beautiful flowers which I have been told are delicious and edible but I haven’t managed to try.

Don't worry, I've added more soil to cover the roots.

After the terrible failures I’ve had with plants in the past, I am surprised this wasn’t much harder. I am wondering if it’s because I have more time at home now to monitor their growth or the change in climate from our move.

Now on to research courgette recipes.

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