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Sorry for the lapse in posts. I’ve been in the U.S. waiting on my visa and it’s taken much longer than expected. I spoke to an immigration lawyer before I left to find out how to streamline the process. Frankly he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. There goes a wasted 100 quid.

I’ve had a great time in the U.S. but it’s gotten quite frustrating as I’ve been doing some couch surfing and the visa office does not provide you with any kind of status update. I don’t think my friends that said I could crash with them realized it would be 2 months, and 2 months in the U.S. without a car or job can start to get pretty brutal. I’ve gotten really good on the road bike and I’ve gotten to travel around a bit via train, hitching rides with friends, borrowing cars (and wrecking them – oops, sorry M) and cheap airlines. I had to. Otherwise I was going to go crazy wondering how long this was going to take.

Well lo and behold I return to Austin from a week in New Orleans and my visa has finally been approved. I guess all I needed was a touch of the voodoo. For those of you wondering, I got off light. Only 34 working days to process instead of the predicted 50. I’m now a filthy immigrant on her way home. To her new home. Well, her old home that is new again. Confused? Yeah I’m having a bit of an identity crisis too.

I’ve been told I’m lucky to apply now, that the immigration environment in the UK is changing very rapidly. I’ll take my breaks where I can get them.

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